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What Is Endgame?

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Welcome to your Endgame...

For years I’ve been passionate about coaching and leadership. It led my partner and I, to grow our team to over 30 people at one point. It led me to my first coaching experiences with MAPS coaching and it is where I discovered my passion for creating and hosting learning experiences for Canadian real estate agents.

A year and a half ago, I formed a partnership with two incredibly successful and inspired individuals who shared my passion for creating hange and raising the bar.

Together we decided to launch a company.

The vision was more of an experiment than a business plan. It was based on a question about the coaching and training in the real estate industry, and frankly outside of it too. The question was, “What’s missing?”.

The coaching and training industry tends to focus on two main avenues of delivery.

  1. Presentations

  2. One-on-one Coaching

Both work wonders, but I’ve always felt like there was something missing. With both presentations and coaching you have intermittent moments of learning surrounded by personal implementation. Simply put, you go learn something either in a classroom or on a call, then you figure out how to put it together on your own. It’s the 'on your own' part that bothered us. Implementation is the messy part! Between calls there is a LOT of room to fall off track, get disoriented or eventually lose momentum. And honestly, that just didn't sit right with us!

On real estate teams, agents perform at a high level because they have constant, daily reminders to be productive. They show up and sit in the bull pen working next to each other 5 days a week. It’s hard to escape that accountability! They have support and tools are made available, and they have community around them to prop them up when they need help.

We created our first community.


We felt this was the answer to this gap. Why isn’t there something you could be part of for daily accountability, collaboration and growth? Our premise was simple, daily bite sized learning opportunities and goal setting. Agents “power up” together first thing in the morning, share their goals and move into their productivity block with energy, confidence and a few ideas to win the day.

It worked. Really well.

Our little experiment quickly grew through our community inside Keller Williams and became the largest productivity product in KW Canada.

Our agents thrived too.

Agents who participated in our groups daily activities out earned their peers by a multiple of 4.8x. If an average agent earned $20,000 in their first year that means our members were earning $100,000. We proved that simple, little bite sized learning opportunities combined with a powerful schedule designed to foster lead generation consistency was enough to completely change an agents trajectory. The neat part was that it worked for experienced agents too. We have story after story of established agents growing their businesses by a multiple just from adding consistency.

So, what’s this "Endgame" thing and why are we messing with a good thing?

Well, for starters, our members businesses are growing quickly. We have a LOT of new agents who suddenly are running multiple six figure businesses and their needs are different. Endgame is the next rung on the ladder as you progress beyond the launch phase of your career. This is the high performance group.

The second reason is that our original group FlipSpace, is exclusive to Keller Williams agents. As we serve a growing dialogue of higher producers, we want to include the widest and most complete perspective in the conversation.

Endgame is an open community, designed to serve Canadian Realtors from any brand in their pursuit of personal growth and business success… and frankly we are freaking excited about this thing.

So, why “Endgame”

I’ve been fascinated with personal growth for as long as I can remember. When I got into real estate, when I saw the limitless potential of this industry and when I started to learn about business, my fascination turned to obsession.

Regardless of faith or spirituality, almost everyone agrees that this life is the only one you get that’ll be like this. If there is anything else after, it’s different. So if that’s the case, shouldn’t our life be about getting to have the most incredible experience you can in the time that you have? People talk a lot about the concept of a “Big Why”. The concept is essentially your “raison d’etre”, your mission, your purpose. Mine has always been to live the most incredible life I can, or as I more recently revised it to: “Live Incredibly”.

Getting this right isn’t easy, and the way I see it, I’ve only got one shot at it…

To say that I’ve invested a lot in pursuit of figuring this out is, well, an understatement. I’ve spent years traveling more to attend learning opportunities than for vacation. I’ve spent tens of thousands annually on the low end, often coming close to six figures in a given year on personal development. I’ve chased and chased, and learned so, so much.

So why does this matter?

Well for starters I’ve often found it a struggle to get the right coach. There are SO MANY coaches out there who are absolutely amazing and I’ve coached with some who were outstanding. The challenge is that when you become part of a coaching program typically you are saddled up with ONE person who coaches you on an ongoing basis. So what’s wrong with this?

As a child, I was homeschooled. Don’t worry, it wasn’t one of these “freerange” horror stories you hear about or some cult thing. My parents were hippies and my mother had a masters in education, so it actually worked out great. With her leadership I was on track and ahead of most kids my age when I finally went to highschool and I only spent a few hours a day on school work through my childhood. Instead of the typical 7hrs daily in class I pursued interests like music and other hobbies, generally had a blast and enjoyed lots of free time to do as I pleased.

So why do I mention this and what does it have to do with coaching?

Well, my mom was GREAT at some things and others, well she was weaker in. Perfectly normal, right? Frankly I would find someone who was equally good at all things kind of weird and I would NEVER hire someone like that, I’d rather have a team of ninja specialists than one where everyone is a generalist.

The problem is this: I absorbed her weaknesses.

I came into highschool thinking I was bad at a few school topics. I struggled a little until I realized this wasn’t the case, I just never had a teacher who was excellent at the things I was trying to catch up on! I found some guidance and now I’ve turned these things into my strengths.

The same thing can, and will, happen with your business.

Having ONE person guide you on all the varied and complex challenges of running a business is a HUGE blindspot. Think about it. If you hire a coach who’s great with your current needs, say, growing production, they are likely to have other areas where they are less skilled.

Imagine if your coach was skilled at growing production but was weak at profitability and organizational health. Is it possible that you could see amazing growth at the top line of your business and keep the same or less on the bottom line? Yep, it could definitely be like that. I know it because I've lived it.

Our vision in Endgame is to change this. You still get a dedicated coach to grow with you and guide you as you move from one challenge to the next. You still get the long term partnership and you can sure as hell count on us holding your feet to the fire if you aren’t holding up to the commitments you made yourself… but Endgame is designed to give you more. You also have frequent group coaching sessions included in your membership where you diversify your growth. Get coached in your weekly 1:1 and get trained by world class experts in your group sessions.

What you get is a complete diet of personal development.

Alright, so there is ONE other thing…

Like I mentioned, I’ve had a LOT of coaches, mentors, trainers and generally, I’ve dipped my toe in just about every pool of self development, business building, and real estate coaching I could get close to. I’ve found an ongoing consistency which bugs me.

Coaching programs have an overarching focus on business growth…

So why is that a problem?

The problem is that the purpose of a well run business is to fund your life! Remember the whole “big why” thing I mentioned? Well isn’t the whole point of a successful business to give you what you want from your life? Shouldn’t a focus point of your personal coach be to guide you on how to establish your business and your personal life to be as incredible as it can be?

Is the goal to grow your business? Or should the goal be to grow your life experience?

Business growth costs money. Plain and simple. A business that is focused solely on growth is not as profitable as if the same business is focused on profitability. So shouldn’t a part of your decision making and ongoing focus be to create systems for efficiency? Shouldn’t you want to have a process for moving money out of your business and into your personal life and to invest and grow that money? Shouldn’t your coach focus on THIS?!

This, is what Endgame stands for.

We stand for you having clarity on why you are growing and what you are getting for it. A clear and concise goal with your business working to make it a reality. A vision for what you want to build and a plan to get you there.

Fuck retirement. We want you to have an Endgame.

I’m not saying you need to solve world hunger. I’m not saying that this is going to be some massive revelation. I’m not saying you need to reinvent our industry and change the face of organized real estate. Quite the opposite, I’m saying I want you to know where you are going and we want to help you get THERE. It might be that you actually need less than you were working to get: Maybe your goal is a paid off house and passive income to support your basic expenses in 10 years. Maybe you have that covered and you want to create a college fund for your kids. Maybe you DO want to destroy the real estate industry as we know it and make the biggest, coolest, most disruptive real estate business the world has ever seen… I love your plan whatever it is, and we are here to help make THAT plan a reality.

That, is our Endgame. I look forward to us getting there together.


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