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Endgame Coaching

10th Floor - Commerce Place

1 King Street West

Hamilton, ON  L8P 1A4


September 5, 2023


New name, new look. The official transition to our new company name, Endgame Coaching


[Hamilton, Ontario – September 5, 2023] – FlipSpace Coaching was created in 2021 to support real estate brokerages, teams and agents across North America. As the company expanded and grown in the last year, it decided to undergo a rebrand and name change to better reflect the direction of the growing company.  We are excited to announce that FlipSpace Coaching will be operating officially under its new name, Endgame Coaching.


The decision to rebrand to Endgame Coaching is a strategic move that reflects the company's evolving vision and its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its valued clients. As real estate continues to change and shift, we recognize the importance of providing support and coaching to agents, teams and brokerages. The rebrand goes beyond a mere name change; it embodies our continued dedication to providing needed services and staying at the forefront of industry trends to help our clients grow their businesses.


"Much like in sports, where the final moments of a game are defined by strategy, determination, and skill, our rebrand to Endgame signifies a pivotal moment in our journey." said Sean Provencher, Founder and Owner of Endgame Coaching. "Just as a coach guides athletes to victory, Endgame is here to lead you through the complexities of real estate, providing coaching and education that empower you to build your career. And, while our name and look may have changed, our core values and dedication to providing exceptional service remain the same."


Importantly, this rebranding will have no impact on Endgame’s operations or the services it provides. The company's leadership, staff, and dedication to exceeding client expectations remain unchanged.


"We want to assure our clients that while our brand has evolved, our commitment to delivering results that exceed expectations remains constant," added Sean. "Our team is committed to providing a seamless transition and to grow and expand our reach to help as many agents as we can across North America."

For more information about Endgame Coaching, or more information about the company’s rebrand, please visit or contact Melissa Lewandowski at

About Endgame Coaching

Established in early 2021, Endgame Coaching emerged as a dynamic force in the Canadian real estate landscape. Founded by a collective of accomplished REALTORS® and Investors, our journey began with a shared vision: to create and cultivate a strong community of professionals who no longer wished to navigate their real estate careers in isolation.


At Endgame Coaching, we recognized the power of collaboration. The creation of the Endgame Community was our response to the prevailing sense of solitude among like-minded individuals seeking to excel in their real estate careers. Our mission is to aid in the continuous growth of our clients’ businesses, providing them with the knowledge, skills and support they need to thrive in what is a very challenging industry. Endgame Coaching supports real estate professionals by providing daily motivation,open and ongoing communication, and sustainable practices that breed success far beyond the inaugural year of their businesses.

Navigating the real estate landscape poses multifaceted challenges, whether you’re a seasoned agent or just starting out.  Endgame Coaching is dedicated to ensuring that every agent stands on the winning side, and our belief in the power of community and collaboration will position agents to elevate the industry.


For inquiries and or more information, please visit or contact

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Q&A: Your Real Estate Journey With Endgame Coaching

  • Do I need to be a part of a certain brokerage?
    Nope. All endgame coaching programs and groups are open to anyone. Note that certain programs have a minimum level of success to apply to be a member. This is because we want to maintain the high level conversations we curate.
  • Do I need to apply?
    Yes. Our coaching programs are designed to meet you where you are so we have crafted our training and programs to different production levels. For this reason, we require our members to go through an application process when joining, this allows us to match you with the support you need.
  • I'm not sure about the investment, is it worth it?
    A resounding YES. Clients who participate in our programs are out performing their peers by a multiple of 4.8x. You can’t’ afford not to be a member of our community
  • I want in, but I have another coach
    There are a number of fantastic coaching programs out there. If you are investing in your growth you owe it to yourself to know what your options are. Most coaching companies will let you out of a contract if you aren’t feeling they are the best value. Do your diligence and check us out. If we aren’t a better option we wouldn’t expect you to work with us.
  • What if the coach and I don't vibe well?
    You’re never stuck with a coach. If you aren’t getting the support you need we can match you with another coach OR you can work through our satisfaction guarantee and we will refund you for your most recent invoice.
  • I've got a lot on my plate, what if I can't fit it all in?
    Time management is what separates top producers from the rest of us. Let us show you how you can continue to grow without giving up on the other things which are important in your life
  • What If I don’t want too much accountability?
    Great coaching is about more than accountability. It’s about finding what you love and thrive at in your business so you can show up every day not needing to be held accountable. It’s about learning how to be more effective so you get more from the energy you put in and it’s about saving you the wasted time and energy going down the wrong path. You deserve to get the best of your business, and yourself. That’s what we stand for.
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