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We started making waves in early 2021. 

We are a group of TOP Producing Canadian Realtors & Investors who saw a need to build a community of like-minded professionals who were tired of feeling like they had to fly solo the whole time. We needed a community, so we built it and now we want to blow that community wide open! 

The ENDGAME Community is designed to immerse you into an environment of daily motivation, growth plans, and sustainable habits for long term success, success beyond the first year of your business.


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Our Start

Our start came from seeing that a new agent had very little support when they were first launching their own Real Estate business.  Real Estate education does a really great job of teaching what you SHOULD NOT be doing, but is sorely lacking in how to actually be successful and isn’t the whole reason we got into real estate in the first place?

The Challenge

Many of the challenges in building a successful real estate business lies in not knowing what to do after you get your license.  How do you stay motivated? How do you market yourself? How do you stay connected to peers without feeling like it’s snake pit? You took this leap of faith into an industry that can really work to help you have the life of your dreams, but without the right support, you run the risk of being like most of the other agents out there.  Endgame wants all it’s agents to win and winning begins with community!

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